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Beth Hampton Jones


Since I was a child I have been working for the Democratic Party. My father was a precinct chair in Buncombe County, and I can remember attending meetings, working at fundraisers, and eating a lot of barbecue. My dad instilled in me a call to service, a desire to help my fellow man.


Although I wasn’t always on the front lines, his values were never far from my heart and mind. Democrats believe in and fight for the right values: fairness, equality, compassion, opportunity. I can’t imagine working for anything more important. Much of my political work was in Caldwell County, NC. I served as county chair, county secretary, 10th district 1st V. Chair and secretary. I have been an SEC member, DNC delegate (2008), and candidate for NC Senate. In Caldwell County we were definitely the underdogs, and I like a challenge!


Here in the 11th District, we definitely have some challenges. First, this is a huge geographical area making communication more difficult. Second, many of our counties are very red, and it can be hard to find like minded individuals. One of my goals as chair is to find ways to bridge those gaps. I hope to get to every county, meet those good Democrats who are trying to build bigger teams, and find out how we can help as your district leadership.

Thank you for welcoming me to the team. Please reach out to me any time with ideas or concerns.

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