Kathy Sinclair, Chair

Fellow Democrats, 

Welcome to the new North Carolina Congressional District 11 Democratic Party website. Our district is comprised of hard workers, state employees, retirees, students, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. We’re a diverse community and it’s about time our representatives reflected that.  It's evident that current representation in both Raleigh and Washington, D.C. are failing us. They don’t represent our aspirations for our families or our future. Their agenda threatens our access to healthcare, the future to public education, jobs and our stewardship to the Earth. They talk to our enemies like they’re our friends, and they simply cannot be trusted. The stakes are too high for this type of leadership to continue and we need to take action now more than ever, to overcome the gerrymandering and dark money that has given them the majority.  

As you peruse the website, take time to view photos of fellow Democrats working together as they listen to members of our community.  Sign up to volunteer knowing your donated time will strengthen our efforts to achieve our goals.  Or make a financial donation to support our Party and our work.

It is my pleasure to serve you as Chair of District 11, and I cannot wait to see the district we’re going to build together. This is our moment. This is our community. We’re in this together, and I look forward to working with you.  United We Win,

Your District Chair, 


Chair: Kathy Sinclair - kvsinclair4610@gmail.com

1st Vice Chair: Dr. Clay Eddleman - hcethree@gmail.com

2nd Vice Chair/Training: Canyon Woodward - canyonwoodward@gmail.com

3rd Vice Chair/Communications: Michael Careccia - michael92careccia@gmail.com

Secretary: Lorna Bennett - lorna@dnet.net

Treasurer: Gayle Wayne - gaylewayne@gmail.com

District Chair of Minority Affairs: Gale Jones - gjones50_2000@yahoo.com

District Chair Emeritus: Luke Hyde - innkeepernc@gmail.com

North Carolina Congressional District 11 Democratic Party