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Karen Smith

3rd Vice Chair

The District 3rd Vice Chair oversees the District Website, Social Media Platforms, publishes the District Newsletter, ALERTS and other communications with the District’s county as needed.

The Third Vice Chair maintains the county officers contact records, and media addresses updating these after each convention. The Third Vice Chair coordinates with the 3VC of each county to facilitate the smooth acquisition of information about events happening across the counties.


Coordinating with each county regarding their technology needs and providing assistance when requested is also a function of this office. Similar communication with the state party re messaging throughout the year is also undertaken to help the District and counties coordinate with NCDP.

The 3VC also coordinates with the staff and candidates during each U.S. House campaign season to better inform Democrats of opportunities to become familiar with those running for office. This is also true for U.S. Senate campaigns as well. Finally the 3VC also coordinates with NCDP to provide information about candidates funning for state office and the General Assembly.

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Goals for this coming season include:

Facilitating the district SEC/Chairs and 1VCs discussion meetings to further the WNC agenda with the state and in the district.

Working in coordination with our Tech Vice Chair to advance to capacity of the counties and the district in reaching and influencing voters.

Assisting the counties third vice chairs and chairs to address their outreach needs, social media, communications and information exchange.

Working with District Officers to develop a District Strategic Plan regarding Communication goals to render practical and actionable deliverables.

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