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Shon Urbas

Non-Voting 2nd Vice Chair 

My name is Shon Urbas. I am excited to be  2nd Vice Chair of NC 11.  I am a lifelong Democrat and resident of Edneyville, Henderson County. My first political experience in the district was running data for a campaign during the last congressional primary. During those months traveling the district, I really developed a love for Western North Carolina. So much so that I decided to set down roots. One of the first things I got to was organizing the Edneyville Precinct and currently am serving my 2nd term as its Vice Chairman. Running my precinct’s first Get Out the Vote in recent history was one of the highlights of the last election cycle for me.


Professionally I work in Information Technology and have for 25 years. The last 6 years I have served as Chief Technical Officer and founder of a company that specializes in data integrations. With this new role, I plan to use my experience working with people and data, to optimize and distribute the resources that each country brings to this district. These resources may include training, volunteers, organizing help, printing, candidates, financial, or planning capacity. Among my first tasks I have set for myself is to meet with all of the county's 2nd chairs and understand their needs on data products to more effectively get out the vote. By coming together and supporting each other this district can be Blue in 2024. But no one county is enough. It will take all of us. 

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