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2024 NC 11 District Convention

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  Please  pre-register by clicking the register button above. 10AM registration and delegate check-in.

Attendees should arrive at 10AM to check in.  Lunch will be provided.  Pre-registration will allow you to select your lunch options.  Delegates and attendees both may use the registration link to register.  We strongly encourage pre-registration but walk-ins are welcome also.  Only delegates have voting privileges.

Volunteers to help set up are needed.   Volunteers helping with setup, please come at 9AM.  TY

Agenda Highlights and Convention documents below.


Ferguson Auditorium, 19 Tech Drive, Asheville, NC 28801

Scroll down for map


NC11 Democrats 2024 District Convention

Proposed Agenda

April 20, 2024    11AM -3PM,

Ferguson Auditorium, AB Tech


Welcome and Call to Order
NCDP Statement of Inclusion
Pledge of Allegiance

Salute to North Carolina
Moment of Silence
Video Messages
Establishment of Quorum

Adoption of Convention Rules
Approval of  2022 and 2023 Convention Minutes
Elected Officials Acknowledgement

District Officers Reports
Guest Speaker 

Lunch  12:30
Acknowledgement of Current Candidates for Public Office
Explanation of NCDP Voting Procedures

DNC and State Committee Candidates speak  (ONE MINUTE EACH)
   NC District 11 Representatives to NCDP Committees 

   Delegates to DNC National Convention
Vote on Certified Resolutions

Rachel Hunt.jpg
We are thrilled to announce our guest speaker
Senator Rachel Hunt (NC District 42)
Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor

Senator Rachel Hunt is an attorney and a mom. She spent the first part of her legal career working for women and children, defending them in court when no one else could. When she got married and had kids, she spent her spare time volunteering to protect the public school system that would shape her kid’s future. When they grew up, she ran for public office, beating a four-term incumbent in the NC House under gerrymandered maps - and she hasn’t stopped fighting since. Over the five years since she was first elected, she’s seen how the Trump Republicans have ruled with little accountability to the people of North Carolina. She’s seen first-hand how far we’ve fallen from the North Carolina that her parents, former Gov. Jim and Carolyn Hunt envisioned.

She’s running to fix that. North Carolina can and must do better than this.

2024 Candidates for State Committees and DNC Delegate Candidates

An important part of our 2024 Convention is the election of local Democrats to represent District 11 at this summer’s Democratic National Convention and on NCDP Standing Committees. 

Below are links to a list of currently known candidates and to a personal profile page, if submitted to us by the candidate.  As noted below, this list is not yet complete. 

We strongly encourage you to read these materials and reach out to candidates if you would like to speak with them, or send them your questions by email.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to these candidates to arrange a phone call if you would like to speak with them or send them your questions by email.  Click on the links below to access the candidates profile pages.

2024 NCDP Standing Committees – Currently declared NC11 candidates

NC11 elects a district representative for these four statewide committees:  Credentials and Appeals, Council of Review, Plan of Organization Review, Resolutions and Platform.  This link is to a list of currently declared candidates, but nominations may also be made at the Convention.

In accordance with the NCP Delegate Selection Plan, we will elect 3 female and 2 male candidates as Delegates to the DNC National Convention.  NCDP’s applications are now closed and forwarded to the Biden campaign for vetting.  The candidate list linked here is incomplete and provisional, pending approval from the Biden campaign.  We are due to receive NCDP’s final list after April 12th. 

DNC and State Committee Candidate Information
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